Design Review, Home Modifications & Painting

Information about all exterior modifications, painting, plant replacement and home construction is found in the Design Guidelines.  
There are two sets of Design Guidelines. Please read below to learn which set of Guidelines are applicable for your home.
Production (Non-Custom)
These are homes built by the developer, i.e., Blandford, whether or not they have a Tuscan characteristic. The homes in these enclaves likely look pretty similar to each other in design. Las Sendas has a pre-approved list of colors available from Dunn Edwards; however, even if you choose from a pre-approved list of colors, you MUST submit and receive approval prior to painting. You may complete the Design Review Application and return it to  Click here to review the color options.
Guidelines and Applications 
Production Home Design Guidelines
Production Home Approved Plant List
Production Home Design Review Application
These homes were built by the homeowner and a contractor of their choosing. The homes in these enclaves are likely on larger lots and the architectural characteristics different from other homes in the same enclave. Custom homes do not have a pre-approved list of colors; owners must submit their color choices to the Architectural Review Committee prior to painting. To view the full design guidelines, see below.
Guidelines and Applications 
Custom Home Design Guidelines
Custom Home Approved Plant List
Custom Home Design Review Application